Illustration by Edward Gorey


Illustration by Edward Gorey

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Pictures from The Resurrectionist by E.B. Hudspeth.

I recommend it wholeheartedly! It’s full of pictures like these!

Yes hello I need all of this.

Anatomically correct mythological creatures? Hell yes!

I have this book!

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3/∞ Favorite pictures of Natalie Dormer

3/ Favorite pictures of Natalie Dormer

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scientists tell us that all water

is old water,

that there is no room for originality,

that everything is recycled.

the anguish of Achilles bleeding out

face-down in the Trojan dirt

mingles with that of a stockbroker caught

in the ebb and flow of the markets,

and what I am trying to say is that the tears

navigating south through the canyons on your face

may have once wet the cheeks

of Alexander the Great

for the same reason.

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Jenny Slate for Paper Magazine


Jenny Slate for Paper Magazine

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